she was controlling me.

"I am excited to see a generation of women who will raise their boys to be good rather than their girls to be scared."

— (via frattyhealy)


Interesting how we’re always hearing how shameful and irresponsible it is to be a teen mom.

But we never hear the same messages directed at teen dads.

Or even the words “teen dad”.

It’s almost like society demonizes women’s sexuality and sexual choices while absolving men of all sexual responsibility and judgement.

Not all monsters are monstrous.

ERIK NO: an autobiography by charles francis xavier

…a woman named Maddy. The woman she loved. I never met her, but I saw her name everywhere. She was from Harvard. Yacht racing team. There were plaques and trophies in the lake house from all the regattas she’d won.


Hazel has Catching Fire and Mockingjay on her shelf tho